A life of laughter

It was an action packed weekend for me as I celebrated my birthday Friday with a lunch gathering with family and friends. This was followed by “A weekend at Bernie’s” with a bunch of shisters who talked about knocking me off but carting me around with dignity. I’m pleased to report that I am in one piece albeit a bit tired as I stayed up late both nights and didn’t sleep particularly well.

So while it was a fabulous weekend it didn’t come with a ton of down time, or any for that matter, to have the kind of thought clarity that results in posts which are well received. I’ve also noted that I can’t resort to haikus too many times as people seem disinclined to read them although I usually throw in some eye candy appropriate themed photos in those ones. Tonight I am going a different route as I am going to reblog a post that my daughter wrote earlier this week.

I read it this afternoon and it struck me as very proud yet bittersweet moment. She has matured into an adult, while still introverted, who can convey her feelings with the written word quite concisely. The bittersweet aspect is how much pain and sorrow she has dealt with this year. The most significant change came about though when she allowed herself to focus on the positives and recognize how we must be believe in ourselves.

I was trying to do this as a link but I can’t tell if it is showing up so I will do the “traditional” cut and paste. If you copy this link into your server it will pop up for you. Once again I’m pretty pumped that this coming Saturday I will learn how to fully navigate and implement the tools which Word Press gives us but without further ado make your way to the crux of the post below.




One thought on “A life of laughter

  1. Georgina January 19, 2015 / 4:54 pm

    that was amazing. God puts people, places, things and events in our path for a reason and although the reason isn’t always immediately apparent if we are patient enough the lesson will always come through. She is a great kid and you have done well with her.


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