TBT to the Doors

I wonder how many of you thought that the title was about the band  “the Doors?” I would suspect that those who know me well would know that I couldn’t name a single song that the Doors played although I might recognize one perhaps maybe. Well the truth is that in a year of blogging it’s highly unlikely for me to write about music as I’m a bit tone-deaf and often can’t really make out the lyrics so I regularly fail at the “what’s this song” game.

One more English door. Love the yellow!

Now architectural details are something that I can get into. So I have posted below a regular follower’s photos which she sent to me in follow-up to the Colour Commentary post about the doors we have seen as we have travelled around. I was also hoping that my friend with Irish roots would come through with some pictures but I think she has gone AWOL for a while.

I think perhaps I will go AWOL this weekend. I have leant my lap top to my daughter for University purposes so unless I am at my main computer it isn’t all that easy to post as my IPhone and I have a love hate relationship going on right now. I anticipate spending most of my weekend being creative in the attic with a group of friends so will have lots of laughter but not much reflection or writing time.


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