No brainer

It’s a total no brainer for me what the topic today will be considering how I spent
last night.

Insomnia sucks
Best to have in your own house
But I’d rather sleep

Yes another bout of insomnia brought to me by leg cramps and menopause or something like that. I truly have no idea why I just know that from time to time I don’t sleep well. My rule of thumb is that if I am not asleep by 4:30 I will get up. I finally drifted off around 4:00 so had 2 1/2 hours which beats going to work on none. The other rule that is applicable is that tonight at 9:00 I will be taking a nighttime Advil so I sleep tonight.

I have read numerous articles on sleep hygiene and try to apply all the principles that the experts talk about. There are times when a long hot shower works but times when it doesn’t. Needless to say it passes as one couldn’t sleep or not sleep like this and function on a regular basis. I think all the years of being on call and waking to go to work in an instant plus long hours on callback prepared me for this. My sleep habits are better than they were when I still worked evenings and nights but since I reached a “certain” age there have been some long nights.

I can remember as a young child waking up at night with terrible leg cramps and my dad rubbing my leg. I also suffered from the same reoccurring nightmare which I still remember to this day. So I guess it is safe to say that I probably have never slept well. I know that my daughter also struggles with sleep issues so perhaps there is some kind of weird hereditary gene that we received from my mother, who you guessed, doesn’t sleep well!

There are no photos to accompany an insomniac post although I did have one haiku in my year long journal.  Got to go as it’s time to get organized so I can be in bed early!


One thought on “No brainer

  1. georgina January 15, 2015 / 9:05 am

    I regularly sleep crappy, probably 6 nights out of 7. Some nights I think that I just think I am sleeping shitty. But for the most part that ‘certain age’ thing really sucks!


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