Colour Commentary

I don’t suppose that it will surprise anyone that I like colour,  after all I live in a house with 2 red doors and 1 green one. I am rarely seen wearing black or white and our interior house walls have always been anything but white. I quilt with bright colours and adore sunsets. I am drawn to colour even in the white of winter or maybe more so in the depth of monotone that can invade our northern hemisphere lives.

England 2013 039

Still a work in progress but here are two of our heritage colour doors.

I am fortunate to have worked hard and put some of that sweat equity into traveling around the world a little. It is a big place and we still have a lot of countries we want to see but here is a sampling of some of the “local” colour in doors. It’s also a study in architecture, style, culture and climate.

The doors in Portugal. I particularly love that last one with the dog lying there.

The stately doors and windows of England. Balanced and solid.

The multi dwelling doors and windows of the Czech Republic, full of colour and textures.

The doors, windows and turrets of Halifax.

I was a bit disappointed to look through the pictures and realize that I didn’t have enough pictures of the coloured doors in Dublin to do an Ireland one. The doors there are amazing and there is a story behind why they are all such a bright colour but all the details escape me at this moment so I’m afraid I can’t do it justice. I do have a regular reader that travels to Dublin quite a bit and perhaps she would share three door pictures and the full story.

I also noted while looking through photos that I’ve been to Hawaii a few times but I don’t have any door pictures! I think we are always so busy looking at the ocean that we don’t spend a lot of time looking at individual houses. Our focus in France and Belgium was quite different that trip so didn’t see a lot of towns. The pictures of Germany all seem to be of drinking establishments and I’ll just leave it at that! I think that both of our trips to Australia pre date the digital camera and New Zealand photos are on slides so I wasn’t going there tonight! Although I have cleaned up the storage room and know where the slides are that will definitely be a retirement project.

I would love for any readers that have interesting door photos to put them into their comment or send them to me so that I can post them alongside mine. Where have you been that has doors brimming with colour and character?

Doors are more than the entry to a house; they are the colour commentary of our homes.


One thought on “Colour Commentary

  1. Georgina January 14, 2015 / 2:47 pm

    cant enter pictures from comments, but I have files of doors as well!!


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