Grappling with

When our son was a teenager I used to say to him as he left the door “be sure to pack your good judgement in your back pocket”. This meant we had certain expectations for him and values that he should consider when making a judgement call about what activities to pursue. I like to think that his upbringing and the sentence stuck in his head but perhaps I’ll just leave it well enough alone and pretend he was a good teenager!

Now we make judgement calls all day long in our lives and some are as simple. There are many that are so infinitely difficult as they weave around our values and we grapple with which way to lean.  One would think that age would help with weighing the factors but sometimes things come in shades of grey.

Wisdom does help in making judgement calls. Sometimes wisdom comes from making the wrong judgement call.


I follow a couple of prairie based photographers on two different social media sites. Yesterday Robert (Robert Scott photography) posted a photo on his Facebook page that sparked a huge controversy as it showed a portion of a dead animal. Now, in his judgement, it was art that showed tej stark reality of our harsh climate but many people passed judgment without knowing the whole story. They used their values to interpret what they saw and, because we have free speech, they spoke against it. Many others wondered about the details and didn’t make a hasty judgment  call. Now I’ve used my judgement to share his photo (which he is ok) on my blog to illustrate judgement and our values.

The angle he shot it at makes the head look larger than it really is. Best guess scenario is probably deer or perhaps an elk.


Now I have been grappling with an issue which is why I spent a lot portion of the day thinking about using good judgement and exactly what that means. My struggle is my shoulder injury and when I should return to work. I have already missed 3 days during which I iced it a lot, started some physio exercises and rested. In the last two days it has been quite a bit less painful but there are still loads of activities that hurt like vacuuming and ironing (I know I should just skip both of those mundane tasks) and lifting the milk jug. Now that’s where the judgement comes in and I have to decide which value trumps the other. If I could have my usual day today then my physio said I could go to work tomorrow. My work ethic is kicking in and I think if I modify my day just a bit I should be able to do it. The issue always arises that once I am at work and if it’s not good then what do I do? I find it impossible to just walk away and leave the operating theatre short handed. Fortunately there are ice packs, tensors and some Tylenol handy.

I know it seems a bit extreme to spend the day with this dialogue going around in circles in my head but it isn’t unusual for me. I go through this with every injury and time spent off work (don’t ask — it’s not the first time!). I guess you will have to stay tuned for tomorrow’s entry to see what I decided although feel free to leave a comment and give me your take on the dilemma of judgement — mine or your own.


Hi Bernie, thanks for the link in the comments. I have no problems with the link, thanks for asking. I never wrote in the post that the image was art, however yes I could and would consider it to be captured artistically, but more so I’d consider it a documentary image and art, because it evokes thought and emotion. Just for future reference. Great blog, and thanks for asking. – Robert


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