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The masses have come and gone now that the 15 minutes of “fame” for the rant blog have peaked. So it’s just us again although there are a few new followers that came with the viral activity so welcome to them. To everyone else I’m glad you are still here reading my daily ramblings. Which is exactly where I think I’m headed today.

It’s been a topsy-turvy kind of day here with our old farm truck “Bill” not wanting to start this am which meant an early morning drive for me. The wind was howling and it was dark and cold which is exactly the kind of morning you just want to stay in bed. In fact for most of Nov, Dec and Jan I could sleep till 0915 every day and I just might do that when I retire. But today I was up and so once I returned home I went upstairs to my attic retreat and finished up a baby quilt and wrapped Christmas presents.

Yes you read that right but there are extenuating circumstances here. First off my sewing machine calved (or lost a gear or something) on December 24th which meant that I didn’t finish all the presents. Which was basically all right as we were leaving to deliver them on December 27th only we didn’t do that as the boiler blew a gasket or a bearing or something. Ah yes no heat from the 24th to the 31st which also means no hot water.

I returned to the city today and had an ultrasound on my injured shoulder and I’m pleased to report nothing serious was found. I also picked up the Christmas cards and this evening put labels on them and we read through the few letters we received. So perhaps I’m channelling my inner Ukrainian self here and just celebrating a bit late although I’m even late for them. No it just turns out I am behind which is only a little bit unusual. I’m never quite sure but somehow Christmas always sneaks up on me and even farming out my shopping didn’t get me totally organized. I was reading an interesting blog yesterday while icing my shoulder about the things we should give up to destress Christmas in our lives.

But it’s all good now and I won’t panic again until about December 18th so I now I can move on to other items in my life. We always get moving on our basement development about this time of year and hope to finish it before spring. Perhaps now wouldn’t be the best time to ask how long we have been working on it. We are getting quite a bit closer I’m pleased to announce and perhaps we might even get the new flat screen tv out of the box this year and put it onto the wall.  Again don’t ask!

In other on-line worlds it is throw back Thursday and because looking at nice sunny pictures always feels good I will leave you with a couple of those and a haiku. hah – you didn’t see that coming when you started reading! From the administrative side of the site I can tell that the haiku posts get less traffic than any of the other ones.  As always I encourage feedback so that I know what it is that keeps you, the reader, returning to this space. Comments here on the blog are easy enough to do or you can leave them in the Facebook link if you prefer. I actually think one of the hardest parts of blogging daily is remembering what all topics I have covered, which pictures I have used and what haikus I have attached. I might need to develop a spread sheet to keep myself organized.

Lush grren sunny England.


 Odds and sods today

Get a bit more organized

Before I fall behind


Rural drive by shooting. We were running late and the driver wouldn’t stop for a real photo


Topsy and turvy

Coming or going unsure

Plan A or Plan D


It’s a long john day

It’s an eye lash sticking walk

But hey it’s sunny!