Hops Aboard

Now before you start getting all worried about me I’m not actually addicted to beer. I do like it but my favorite beverage is actually water which is followed by (you guessed it) beer and then milk. So I think I’m on the negative side when it comes to an actual addiction. Plus I occasionally give up beer in favour of less calories in my life and I also try to limit intake by only drinking on the weekend.

Now having relieved you all of your worry about my mental health I will venture into the next paragraph and tell you that there is nothing like a cold beer in a frosted glass after a long day of working outside. I used to be rather conservative about beer but that was before Ron and Gord convinced Marian and I go to on a bike trip in the Czech Republic because it was the birth place of beer. It opened my eyes to the fact that there is some really good beer out there in the big wide world and I was missing out. So I started experimenting knowing that if I hated it Ron would drink it for me! His favourite saying in regards to this is “I never met a beer I didn’t like”. I’ve now sampled beer in many countries and enjoyed most of it although some countries do it better than others that’s for sure.

Canada has really stepped up it’s game in relationship to craft beer recently. For Ron’s 50th birthday I gave him 50 beer and it was a challenge to find that many kinds at the here in Saskatoon. Now you could easily find 60 craft beer and not have to do a four pack of Guinness to get up to the correct number. It’s nice to have those options in the stores and even restaurants are stepping up to the plate. Locally there are some great little craft breweries that sell growlers and we recently went to a beer sampling night at Boffin’s which was a blast. It’s nice to have all these options now.


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