As a child my favorite snack was glosette raisins. My dad’s favorite chocolate bar was Burnt Almond. I remember how incredibly strong it tasted. I am pretty sure these two snacks set my taste buds for the rest of my life.

A cute sign found at a fabulous Chocolate Store on the Isle of Wight. I wanted one of everything in that store but alas even my appetite can’t eat all that!

For some reason growing up I became the chocolate pudding maker. I used my Nanna’s recipe but always added extra cocoa and decreased the sugar. Perhaps I ended up with the task because we all preferred my stronger version. It became standard issue when I was an adult and visited with my parents for me to make this so my children grew up eating it. Always best served with dark raisins and real farm cream (heavy sigh as you just can’t get that amazing natural ingredient anymore). My dad is gone but my brother and I keep the tradition alive when I am home. I never make this treat in my own home perhaps because I didn’t want it to become standard fare.

A bit fuzzy but it says Strength – The capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces and then just eat one of the pieces.

When we travel I always pack a chocolate bar as an “emergency” ration. We travelled around the British Isles when our children were 6 and 8. Our daily treat, when legs were exhausted and melt downs seemed imminent, was a Dairy Milk. We actually toured the Cadbury factory and tasted cocoa in it’s base form. Several years later in Switzerland I got introduced to Rutter bars. Slowly here in Canada the selection of bars has drastically improved. I highly recommend the dark Lindt bars as they are very smooth.

I even like to read study reports that state how chocolate is good for the memory, lowers blood pressure and is an antidepressant. So it makes it seem like a little bit is a good thing to have. But it appears that perhaps the chocolate industry is overstating the results. Which is sad as I really like chocolate and it’s nice to have a “reason” to consume it daily. I do struggle with my weight and giving it up would actually be a good thing. I try hard to reserve my chocolate calories for good quality dark chocolate but have been known to eat chocolate chips.

Ah – the sad news today that chocolate is not a healthy food.


My absolute favourite bar is one that most Canadians have not heard of but it is made here in the town of Fernie, B.C. at a small family owned business. They import their cocoa beans directly from selected growers and then go through the many steps to make incredible chocolate and a hot chocolate that is truly amazing!!

The Bean Pod in Fernie! Problem is the bars rarely make it all the way back to Saskatchewan!


Individual chocolates — so hard to just chose one or two. or three or four!


So now you know what I am addicted to. I’m pretty sure there are worse things to crave in life! Leave a comment and let me know what you are addicted to — as long as we keep it clean! This is not an x-rated blog.


2 thoughts on “Chocoholic

  1. Georgina January 7, 2015 / 10:08 pm

    well I would take some of that chocolate next time you go skiing!!


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