OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is always one hand  that is more dominant (ha – that wasn’t what you were all thinking) than the other even for those that are ambidextrous. Right or left,  one just feels more comfortable. That isn’t to say that you can’t make do as I’m finding out. A small missed step resulted in me landing on my right shoulder.

Several years ago I broke my right elbow and had to have an open reduction to remove the big bone fragment and spent 6 weeks in a cast. I believe that the correct description would be several decades ago when I was 11.  At that age I actually learnt to write a bit and could manage fairly well. Sad to say I seem to have lost those skills but am quickly learning how to do basics with one hand.

I remember my dad telling a story of a lady in my home town who only had one arm and how fast she could diaper her baby (back when it was pins and cloth) and hang her laundry up outside to dry. I am sure those born with this disability are well adapted to how cumbersome one arm manoeuvring can be. Those who suffer accidental issues or serious medical complications must have quite an adjustment period as they master the required adjustments.

I’m fortunate that, with luck, it will be a short term stop. It will probably just be a few days of rest, ice and drugs. Extremely lucky that I have access to a great orthopaedic surgeon for a consult and a fabulous physiotherpatist who will help me get back on track. It will require more of that balancing that I talk about as I’m not great at rest and tend to get a bit impatient with recovery periods. The great thing is that I can still walk which is such a bonus. One arm is better than only one leg which I know too well from experience.

The picture I am sharing tonight is a winter sunrise, taken my other half, while I was at work on the weekend. It’s all about focusing on the positives.


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