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Clarification POST

I know that when I hit POST my thoughts are shared and I take a great deal of consideration to how, what and why I share the things I do. I started the blog to challenge myself to learn something new (blogging and Word Press) and to write daily. “They” say it is best to start with writing what you know and I know me. I know that I love sunsets, sunrises, my kids, quilts, old houses and being passionate about all those things and others. Perhaps some of my posts are boring to some and interesting to others, some might even be offensive and I might come off as an ignorant nurse on a soap box but they are my thoughts and writings. It is my blog, just like it is Alyssa’s blog, and we can POST where ever the wind takes our fingers onto the keyboard.

I don’t intend to make a habit of this but I thought in light of her 2014 blog and now the Clarification factor it was worthy of tonight’s POST.

As an aside — here are my comments on her post.
Again — well written just as your 2014 one was. It is your life, your feelings and your words. NO one can take that away from you. As you know, I am proud of how you have grown and handled the death of Sydney and some of these difficult scenarios. Go forward with the positive attitude I now see and hold your head up — there are always challenges ahead but tackle them and embrace what you take from each step.
You are right — I have an obligation as your parent to read these — but I also read them with pleasure as you are a good writer. I read them with pride because I know how difficult sharing is for you and so the fact that you can do this “out here” is such a huge step. I read them with the knowledge that you are honest and truthful about your feelings.
Love you forever and always.

A life of laughter

There seems to perhaps be some misinterpretation of my intention in blogging, particularly in response the the post “2014”. So I’m writing in an attempt to offer some clarification, in general and specifically regarding that post.

I would never dare to imagine that my hardships are worse than anyone else’s, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have validation. I would never dare to imagine that my feelings and thoughts are more important than anyone else’s, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have validation.

While 2014 was an incredibly hard year for myself, I would never say that I had a harder year than anyone else. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it wouldn’t be true if I did say that. There are so many people in this world who have harder years than me, people within my circle, people I have never met. That being said, my…

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Acts of Caring


Today I needed a friendly ear and I found them. I had a friend who needed a shoulder and I was there. I touched a patient’s arm to reassure them and it helped as it always does.

We can get too caught up in daily living to remember how important it is to touch base — really touch base — with a friend or family. If you aren’t following me with that statement I will explain — instead of asking and receiving a superficial answer (how are you — good) ask a deep question and listen to the answer. Really listen and sometimes that’s all. Perhaps more is needed but be guided by your heart and your head to help. Reach out to touch those around you.

I know how blessed I am and what a wonderful circle of family and friends I have. I strive to pay this forward and support many friends and causes. Because giving from your heart pays you back ten fold.

I had thought of starting the post with a saying from Red Green but perhaps I will end it that way. We watched his show regularly and he always ended it by saying “keep your stick on the ice — we’re all in this together”.