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Bring it on

It’s that time of year for gathering with family and friends. Often these events are pot luck such as our annual work lunch or my volunteer board supper.

The origin of the word is a bit vague and it’s not used world wide as our Aussie friends hadn’t heard that term when they were at our house and we planned a pot luck gathering. According to Wikipedia it comes from potlatch which is a gift giving ceremony that was (and is again) common amongst the west coast Indigenous. Yet the dictionary app I use says it’s origin is a pot brought for luck and it dates from 1585. So if it’s an English word then why didn’t it go to Australia as well? I like the first version best.

I also like the variety at a true pot luck. There are some occasions that aren’t true pot luck such as when someone is assigned a category of food to bring. This is the cheater or controlling type of pot luck. I guess it makes sure there is a balanced meal but it takes the excitement out of it! I mean what if you ended up with appetizers and four chocolate desserts for supper — wouldn’t that be great? I love to take my favourite dish to an event — my signature in food so to speak. Brownies always top the list of what I take to events. 5 ingredients which takes 5 minutes to make and gets rave reviews. Or maybe Rice Krispie roll or chocolate cake or ….. Tomorrow is a category pot luck so I am taking potatoes to go with the turkey, stuffing and gravy. I mean some things go together and what if there was no potatoes! So I peeled up a huge batch of garden spuds and will get up early to cook them. Friday is another pot luck with┬átriple desserts to round out the meal.

Oh yeah bring it on! I’ll go bike to burn it off!


My lovely great niece holding a pan of Rice Krispie roll. She wanted the recipe which is a sign of a winner at a pot luck!

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Monday melancholy

I don’t always have a set plan for what I am writing — in fact I usually have no plan. No “canned” items waiting to hit the publish mark. I think and write in daily inspiration and today that means a trio of haikus.

I’ve noticed that the haiku’s don’t bring in the readers and have the lowest stats in the blog. The In depth up close personal posts bring people in as do great photos. But today’s post is a reflection of where I am right now. The lack of sun, a headache from an odour at work and tired from the weekend didn’t turn my evening out like a usual “to do” evening.

Total exhaustion
Bent spent and totally used
Evening on the couch

December’s bleak days
Take toll in my mind now
Snow cloud fog no sun

Challenges today
Fitness creativity
Finishing haikus


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Big Kids Now

There has definitely been some “big kid now” changes in our life this year. For the first time ever both of our children have a mailing address that isn’t the same as ours. They have both been gone for over two years but not with a permanent mailing address so our rural mail box is always full. I suspect our post mistress will see us less now as we won’t have to use the overflow box anymore.

Some parents lament the “empty nest” but for us it seems right. They both did the boomerang once or twice as they worked to find their way in the world.

Spencer ended up with a new modern small house on a nicely developed street in the north end of the city. We always had an agreement that when he finally moved into his own place we would tbuy him the dog he has wanted for ages. Boxes galore but they pick up the puppy tomorrow!

He’s going to be a big one!

Alyssa and Taylor have settled now out in the county on a horse lovers property. They have some hay land and a couple of barn sheds. Her horses are without a stone’s throw of the front door and Taylor has a tractor to work with so they are both happy. It’s a serious undertaking as the house and property requires some work but it’s what they want.

The rural view that our country girl loves.

It feels good to know that they are settled and have found life partners and a house to call home. Along with some animals!


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It’s beginning to look a lot like ….

It’s beginning to look a lot like …. spring?? Or is it Christmas??

The inside of the house says the holiday season is fast approaching. The tree and the decorations have been hung with care by Ron. I’ve been baking and sewing and started the first eggnog batch of the year.

My favourite decorations

Outside of the house is a hit more like spring. There is virtually no snow left outside which might seem normal if you live in Maple Creek Saskatchewan (it’s always the hot spot of the province) but it’s not my favourite look for this time of year. The snow shoe trail is toast which means great cardio later rebuilding it.

Seriously? At night in December?

I walked 7.5 Kms today which is a totally different carpooling story except in the context of the weather today. No mitts and no toque but slush with the odd hidden patch of ice.

The South Saskatchewan river via the university bridge.

Enjoy the season — whatever it brings your way.


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A magical story time

The magical storytellers have a voice that brings their characters to life. They draw you in and immerse you within a different world.

Stuart McLean of Vinyl Cafe is a master of the art. He has a yearly tradition to take his CBC show on the road and along the way he showcases a musical group as well. It’s a wonderful evening and has become a December ritual for us to attend with friends.

The evening flys by as Stuart catches you up on Dave and Morley, Stef and Sam and some of their crazy antics and heart warming moments.

I take a lot of flak at work for being a CBC listener. And while it is true I don’t always know the latest musical who’s who or actor I learn a lot of things listening to CBC. It’s a big country and CBC helps us realize our similarities while celebrating our differences. It covers current events with a Canadian view, brings you local issues and provides you with the opportunity to laugh. Stuart McLean is a big part of the laughter as was Peter Gzowski.

All in all a fine time. Try it yourself next year when he returns to Saskatoon or a city near you.