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Resolution review

The customary response to the coming year is to do resolutions. I made a double commitment to myself last year and so felt a review was in order.

My first challenge was to have some type of cardio every day. This could range in type but had to be at least 15 mins long but preferably 30 to 45. I didn’t miss a single day UNTIL I blew out my ankle playing soccer. It was several days of only crutches and then 6 weeks of just basic walking which was enough. I should have resumed full out cardio at the beginning to September but I couldn’t get motivated. I was back walking the dogs
and resumed swimming but couldn’t find my biking or running mojo. Well truthfully I don’t have any running mojo — it’s always a hard slug for me. But I love biking and we had a nice fall. I’d get moving for a couple of days and then slack off again. I’m thankful to report that I now seem to be back on track.

My other commitment to myself was to do something creative every day. I’ve done some writing with haikus and blogging. I’ve also spent lots of time the attic working on quilting type activities. With the wedding in the middle of the year there was also many things to create for that. Baking and cooking, in my books, also counts as an outlet. And as usual, since we went digital, have taken A significant number of pictures. So most days had a little dose of something channeling through a different part of my brain.

The reason I challenged myself last year was because of something that a motivational speaker talked about. She asked if you found an hour of extra time in the day what would you do. And then she asked why we don’t give back to ourselves and do those things. I decided that’s what I would do. I must admit that this is a great time in my life. If you had small children or were going to school I think this would be harder challenge that it was for me.

So excuse me while I go finish the year with the walk in the sunset with my dogs. Who knows maybe I’ll even take another sunset picture! Or do one more haiku about it!

Have fun and stay safe tonight.



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