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I now understand the meaning of the concept “go viral”.The rant post alone has had over 3300 views in the last 24 hours. A few of the people that stopped in also commented or toured around and read a few other posts. If I was a bit overwhelmed yesterday today I am a bit daunted and not sure how the heck one follows up after that. My original plan for today was the post you see below and seems I write for me and a few regular readers I will go ahead and publish as I intended to.


I spent a disproportionate amount of time today looking for specific photos. I previously talked about the 3000+ pictures in my iPhone which I like to have around so that I can look at them and post them on social media sites. I am sure we have 30,000+ on our main computer and yet we do less with those photos. We do have a filing system but every once in a while things get misfiled. It is extremely rare for us to actually print photos. In fact the last time we printed regular photos was in 2007 when my daughter had a broken ankle and sat at the computer putting them onto a disc for printing.

The truth is that I rather lament the loss of the printing process. We rarely every sit down to look at photos in the computer but we have spent lots of time looking at photo albums. When people returned from trips they pulled out their envelope with the pictures and shared where they had been. We do occasionally visit with our travelling friends and show each other mini presentations of our trips. I have done a few power point presentations at the library for the travelling series and this brings the photos “out” for display.

On my long term list of things to do is to create a book of our house journey and the original blog will have the text and photo files for that. It’s all under the heading Construction and broken down into years. The personal and trip ones are filed under Ron’s side of the computer and in broken in years again which means you must remember when that photo was taken. I am several trips behind in scrapbooking with the last one done being our 25th anniversary trip which was in 2006. This predates our “house project” found on the original blog at and if you follow it at all you will know why I am so behind in printing and filing photos. I need to spend some quality time in the attic this winter after I get some photos printed and do some books up. But that brings me back to printing.

They have certainly made strides in how easy it is to print so I’m not sure why I haven’t. You no longer need two trips to the store. You just need to upload them on line and then go pick them up at your convience. I think it’s that I am overwhelmed with the sheer volume of photos that then makes it into a bigger challenge.

But I like challenges. I started blogging daily to encourage myself to write. I think it’s time to step up to the plate with the photos this winter and start begin creative in that realm. I do have several sewing projects but I should be able to strike a balance between those two.



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