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Let It Happen

I’m pretty fortunate that I am a very fast reader (you wondered what I was going to say didn’t you!) as today I spent quite a bit of time surfing the net while waiting for photos to upload into a card company site. I read several interesting blog posts that made me think. It made me ponder my writing style, content and direction of the blog. Well the truth is I have no direction for the blog and just write what strikes me that day. It seems to be working from my perspective. It’s hard to tell what works from the perspective of the readers as very few leave comments so its impossible to tell what is in your head space when you read my ramblings. I do know that on haiku days my reader numbers go down but seems the original idea was to publish last year’s haikus with this year’s pictures I don’t plan on changing this. My goal was not related to having a certain number of “followers” by the end of the year but to encourage myself to use some time for writing.

One of the interesting things I read today was called Facebook 101 by and it allowed me to do some review of my “living room” as she calls Facebook. She also talked about sharing content with your spouse and how your status should reflect social networking and not a diary. There was some of that connection versus disconnection that I had talked about before with our use of technology. I do truly believe it is about striking a balance. Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Tumblr or blogs can be viewed as a negative or a positive impact but perhaps it is what one wants to achieve by using them that is what drives the scale one way or the other.

I also listened to a very good speaker on CBC radio (who’s name I didn’t catch as I came into the program part way along) about what makes a good article and what the writer’s job is. To communicate an idea so that it can be seen without pictures and he talked about starting strong. I do know that when my leading sentence is “cut off” it does draw people in. I am quite convinced that the title also has a lot of impact but sometimes it isn’t that easy to convey the image in one or two words that do it justice.

I love using photos and yet feel that it should relate to my content. I noticed that a lot of my readings today had no pictures and I wanted some “eye candy”. That might have to do with the “squirrel” aspect of my personality. It turns out that others think I might have a bit of ADD to go with the OCD. I’m pretty sure I have the standard amount of OCD for an operating room nurse but it might be more than the usual person has. My habit of making spoons and glasses on the counter disappear into the dishwasher seems to irritate others. Now the ADD I’m not so sure about. I prefer to think that I can multitask and stay on top of a number of items but perhaps the flitting back and forth is really something else.oh look /- squirrel.

It would appear to be a rambling night without a serious message or a direction without even a stretch for my vocabulary. The photo below perhaps is good advise as sometimes things get over thought and planned out. Spontaneity is a good thing as is going with the flow.





I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

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