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16 is such a great event in the spring that the shorts and t-shirts come out and hands start digging in the soil. The same 16 in your house during the winter brings out a sweater to wear and slippers on the feet. It’s all about perspective I guess or so I keep saying. We should be running around our heatless house with shorts on and rejoicing that it is 16 degrees in here. I’ll note that neither of us are doing that because tile floor at 16 is darn cool and even new windows aren’t perfectly air tight to sit beside with a wind blowing and an outside temperature of -16.


Once again we are having our winter boiler problems.  The way our system works the boiler runs year round as it provides us with our hot water so why does it always have issues in the winter is what I wonder. Insert a heavy sigh here as they started on Christmas Eve at 4:30 in the afternoon when it is impossible to reach anyone. So we had two space heaters that night but by Christmas Day afternoon we had 7 heaters running, one for every circuit in the house. This has taken the “chill” out of the air compared to Christmas Eve but the outside temperature has also gone from -5 then to – 18 last evening. It has levelled off today at -12 while snowing with a bit of a wind so it feels like -26 from the west.

It’s seems like it is always from the west except for when it is howling from the east. Why is it never from the north or the south I wonder as those two sides don’t have old doors. The only item we haven’t replaced in our old house are the old doors. We have new custom made storms on the outside which certainly helps but we are “looking” for the right door. In the meantime the west (back) door is — how shall I say this — slightly transparent in spots. If you look the right way you can see daylight so we have layers of clear packing tape over it. So for the last 3 days and last year when we had our boiler issues we’ve had our blue heavy big king size comforter from the trailer hung up covering the door which sure helps. I do love winter but I don’t love the wind.

I’ve also become accustomed to my hot ginger, lemon juice and honey “tea” in the last couple of days. I usually have one on a weekend or sometimes in the evening I will take this drink up to the attic. Well I’ve consumed a lot of it in the last 3 days. I’ve less of an affiliation for boiling water to do dishes. I am, and have always been, addicted to hot showers. Think of it as my morning coffee — for me it an essential way to start my day so I become a little (hm) cranky without it and it makes my morning a bit out of kilter. Interestingly enough I actually have a haiku about that from last year as well as one about the boiler. This is a bit too repetitive for me and I am constantly surprised that with a 7 year old top of the line system has as many issues as we have had but I guess that’s just the way it goes.

Cold wind, dead boiler

Makes it a bit cool in here

Ron works his magic (I hope — nope)

(ok — the add on doesn’t work but you get the drift!)

Creature of habit 

My morning out of kilter

I so need shower

On the plus side, after 5 different companies, we finally found a qualified professional to come out and look at the boiler yesterday am. On the negative side the bearings are shot in the fan housing which shuts the whole unit down and a part will be ordered on Monday. We are hoping for an overnight delivery and repair on Tuesday. In the meantime our gas bill will go down this month but our electrical bill will go up as the heaters work their magic. Unfortunately the temperature is slated to stay in the -24 to -28 range for the next few days.


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