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The Christmas handbook

There is no handbook that gives the lessons
necessary for having a good Christmas. The perfectly right gifts, the table set just so and the guests all behaving themselves — I think this exists in magazines and on tv only. In real life it’s messy. Someone doesn’t get that one special gift they hinted about for months. The turkey gets undercooked or the gravy over salted. The misguided relative who consumes too much or doesn’t help out or creates a mess and tons of work. But that’s family. We’re lucky to have each other as there are those who go to movies on Christmas Day or read a book. Those who don’t walk away having eaten too much or those that are away from home because of work. Those that have suffered serious losses and face tough times.

The lesson to learn is to be fully present and enjoy whatever the day brings. Accept the lumpy potatoes or the ugly sweater and remember that we are all in this together.

Merry Christmas one and all


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