This seems like a rather appropriate post in light of the fact that many people make resolutions.  I learned about this goal setting several years ago when our son was in a competitive sport and we attended an all day workshop on various aspects of training. It is also something that my daughter’s old riding coach used to have her riders do but she used slightly different words. The exact words don’t really matter as long as you review your plan regularly and remain focused.

Specific — this includes short and long term items such as lose 25 pounds and keep it off. Train for a marathon and run three this year. Write a short entry every day and then publish at the end of the year with photos.

Measurable — you need to be able to review that you are working towards your goal so with weight loss it’s the scale that helps, with running you could record your times.

Attainable — so it has to be somewhat reasonable as a goal or you are setting yourself up for failure. I know you have to dream big but if you have never ran a stitch in your life, are 50 pounds over weight and are on heart medication and you want to do the marathon in May this might be a stretch.

Realistic — So set your goals realistically and in increments so that you feel empowered and that helps keep you motivated to keep going. Success breeds success.

Traceable — Its great to use a “journal” of some sort to help you keep track. Then you can trace your goals and the steps you have taken towards them.

Remember to mentally reward yourself for good intentions along the way and don’t beat yourself up if injury, illness or a myriad of other responsibilities means you lose your sense of direction along the way. Just get back on that horse and keep moving forward.

Good luck with your goals whatever they might be.


PS Mine ought to include writing earlier in the day and going to bed on time!

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