I have to admit that I have a couple of addictions — all of which can be spoken about in public! I would admit to 3 main ones: sunshine, chocolate and photos. I know, that last one seems a bit different than the first two. Well I guess actually all three of them are quite different.

Sunshine is required by all to survive. I truly don’t understand how people can manage true northern Canada in the winter months. I need sunshine like I need water. The last 9 days have been really hard but I digress because this isn’t a weather post.

The second addiction is one that you could actually live without but man, life would be boring. It is a well known fact that I love dark chocolate. I have now refined my consumption to only good quality dark chocolate as I can’t waste my calories on crappy milk chocolate. I was the happy recipient of two gifts from colleagues today — both dark chocolate. One special ordered from the Bean Pod in Fernie — oh happy me!!


The blog post is really about the third addiction. I have over 3000 photos on my iPhone which is why I can’t update it which is why it isn’t working all that well. I just like to look back at them and remember the moments. I love the colours, textures and depth as well as what they evoke in my memory of my feelings at that moment. I post lots of them on Instagram and love Thursdays because you use “throw back Thursday” as a reason to use an old photo. I do it solely for the enjoyment of it and the artistic pleasure that it brings to me. It helps me focus truly on being present in that moment and really seeing. Often while you are really seeing you smell and hear what you are focusing on. Like the crocuses full of bees and more bees. If I had only walked by and glanced at them I wouldn’t have realized the extend of the bees but in photographing them I was so up close and personal that it was impossible not to hear and see them. At the same time it allowed me to smell them as I set up to take the photos.

Fragments of a day

Caught in a pixel of time

Memories frozen

I just tried to randomly pick photos for this but then I started looking for favourites. I have spent about 2 hours trying to delete some of them from my phone so I have more room but I haven’t been very successful as I might want to see that one again. Yes I know they are on my computer but…

I am just itching for my day off tomorrow when the sun is supposed to shine and the hoar frost is about 2″ thick on everything out here like the barb wire fence, trees and grasses. It isn’t cold out and will be a pleasure to go for a walk, stopping lots to take photos.


PS Some time I might post about my last obsession which I failed to mention tonight — the one that makes my kids think I’m a bit weird.

3 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Georgina December 23, 2014 / 10:30 pm

    and no hint as to what the third one is?


    • bernielynne December 23, 2014 / 11:33 pm

      1 – Sun
      2 – Chocolate
      3 – Photography
      ~~ 4 ~~ There is a hint in 3 of the photos.


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