Sunless Saturday situation

There is one thing in life that you have absolutely

no control over and that’s the weather. Now before you quit reading because it’s a boring weather post I did also include some photos and a haiku or two. Wait, now I’ve lost the rest of you! Oh well, it’s what I want to talk about today.

It seems we are having some sort of inversion for the last week with tons of fog, frost and no sunshine. Not a single ray of it since last Saturday afternoon. Now you can dress for cold, wind, wet, dry, hot and slush but you can’t dress for lack of sun. This time of year is always dark and a bit dreary as the sun doesn’t come up till after nine and sets before five so most of us go to work in the dark and return in the dark. Now when it shines in the winter with the snow or the frost it can be magical. We are actually lucky here in Saskatchewan as we don’t have hurricanes or typhoons and our extremes are actually manageable from a temperature point of view.  It might get too wet sometime years or we will have a winter with extreme amounts of snow like 2012 but for the most part there are a lot of pluses to living here but sometimes you have to find the positives to focus on.


Sunless Saturday

Frost and hoar frost forever?

Darkness descending

The haiku below is from last November. I was always going to retire some year in January before my birthday but I think that I might retire in October so I can go away for the darkness of November and come home in December in time for Christmas. I could never give up summers here as the day light lingers on and both sunrise and sunset are stellar times of day. I seriously don’t mind the cold as you can usually dress to stay warm enough but I do dislike the darkness. So obviously last December had more sun than this one has had which is why I had to use a picture from last December.

Dull November gives way

To bright cold crisp December

Oh what a delight


So if the sun won’t shine for me I’ll just look at pictures of blue sky and sunshine! That throw back concept to whatever is your happy place.


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