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Bring it on

It’s that time of year for gathering with family and friends. Often these events are pot luck such as our annual work lunch or my volunteer board supper.

The origin of the word is a bit vague and it’s not used world wide as our Aussie friends hadn’t heard that term when they were at our house and we planned a pot luck gathering. According to Wikipedia it comes from potlatch which is a gift giving ceremony that was (and is again) common amongst the west coast Indigenous. Yet the dictionary app I use says it’s origin is a pot brought for luck and it dates from 1585. So if it’s an English word then why didn’t it go to Australia as well? I like the first version best.

I also like the variety at a true pot luck. There are some occasions that aren’t true pot luck such as when someone is assigned a category of food to bring. This is the cheater or controlling type of pot luck. I guess it makes sure there is a balanced meal but it takes the excitement out of it! I mean what if you ended up with appetizers and four chocolate desserts for supper — wouldn’t that be great? I love to take my favourite dish to an event — my signature in food so to speak. Brownies always top the list of what I take to events. 5 ingredients which takes 5 minutes to make and gets rave reviews. Or maybe Rice Krispie roll or chocolate cake or ….. Tomorrow is a category pot luck so I am taking potatoes to go with the turkey, stuffing and gravy. I mean some things go together and what if there was no potatoes! So I peeled up a huge batch of garden spuds and will get up early to cook them. Friday is another pot luck with┬átriple desserts to round out the meal.

Oh yeah bring it on! I’ll go bike to burn it off!


My lovely great niece holding a pan of Rice Krispie roll. She wanted the recipe which is a sign of a winner at a pot luck!