Canadian Right of Passage

It’s a big country and I grew up traversing vast sections of the western part of it. Because of the significant distances between farms, towns, cities and provinces we become adept at getting behind the wheel, putting the pedal to the metal and going. Road trips are a way of life for all and our children learnt early to read a book and play “I spy” and 20 questions. Years ago Ron and I took off on a regular weekend and went to Salmon Arm from Saskatoon (and reversed on Sunday) with a 4 and 6 year old. We have turned around only once when driving from Saskatoon to Regina and returned home when the blizzard conditions were pretty nasty. My cousin Helen and I, with 4 kids in tow and 4 bikes on a rack, headed out of Regina to Ogema on a sheet of ice. We believed it would get better which it never really did and it was a really long 2 1/2 hour trip (usual time 1 hour). It’s like a badge of honour in a way. The miles logged are like a right of passage, each of us having taken a road trip that was a bit crazy. I don’t suppose it matters which part of Canada you live in the driving conditions can become crazy with our extreme weather.

So today I feel a bit disappointed in myself as I let the highway hotline and my dislike of sitting behind the wheel keep me at home. I should have driven the 3 1/2 hours south to my home town and attended my cousin’s funeral tomorrow and then returned home in the evening. Ron was unable to leave his commitments tomorrow and so it would have been a solo trip. This is a trip I have taken a plethora of times and often alone or with 2 kids or 4 kids or 2 dogs. I felt relieved when I made the decision not to go but it was a tough one as I felt I should have been there for my family. I know that my mom and my cousin are totally in agreement with me not attending but I still feel like I copped out.  What’s a little rain, ice and snow on the highway? It certainly would not have stopped Ron that’s for sure.

Is it a sign of wisdom to stay home with winter driving conditions or a sign of age that I didn’t want to push ahead.  There are no photos to go with this post and I suspect that it won’t be a popular post with a lot of interest or comments but it’s what is on my mind tonight.


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