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Big Kids Now

There has definitely been some “big kid now” changes in our life this year. For the first time ever both of our children have a mailing address that isn’t the same as ours. They have both been gone for over two years but not with a permanent mailing address so our rural mail box is always full. I suspect our post mistress will see us less now as we won’t have to use the overflow box anymore.

Some parents lament the “empty nest” but for us it seems right. They both did the boomerang once or twice as they worked to find their way in the world.

Spencer ended up with a new modern small house on a nicely developed street in the north end of the city. We always had an agreement that when he finally moved into his own place we would tbuy him the dog he has wanted for ages. Boxes galore but they pick up the puppy tomorrow!

He’s going to be a big one!

Alyssa and Taylor have settled now out in the county on a horse lovers property. They have some hay land and a couple of barn sheds. Her horses are without a stone’s throw of the front door and Taylor has a tractor to work with so they are both happy. It’s a serious undertaking as the house and property requires some work but it’s what they want.

The rural view that our country girl loves.

It feels good to know that they are settled and have found life partners and a house to call home. Along with some animals!