It’s beginning to look a lot like ….

It’s beginning to look a lot like …. spring?? Or is it Christmas??

The inside of the house says the holiday season is fast approaching. The tree and the decorations have been hung with care by Ron. I’ve been baking and sewing and started the first eggnog batch of the year.

My favourite decorations

Outside of the house is a hit more like spring. There is virtually no snow left outside which might seem normal if you live in Maple Creek Saskatchewan (it’s always the hot spot of the province) but it’s not my favourite look for this time of year. The snow shoe trail is toast which means great cardio later rebuilding it.

Seriously? At night in December?

I walked 7.5 Kms today which is a totally different carpooling story except in the context of the weather today. No mitts and no toque but slush with the odd hidden patch of ice.

The South Saskatchewan river via the university bridge.

Enjoy the season — whatever it brings your way.


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