A magical story time

The magical storytellers have a voice that brings their characters to life. They draw you in and immerse you within a different world.

Stuart McLean of Vinyl Cafe is a master of the art. He has a yearly tradition to take his CBC show on the road and along the way he showcases a musical group as well. It’s a wonderful evening and has become a December ritual for us to attend with friends.

The evening flys by as Stuart catches you up on Dave and Morley, Stef and Sam and some of their crazy antics and heart warming moments.

I take a lot of flak at work for being a CBC listener. And while it is true I don’t always know the latest musical who’s who or actor I learn a lot of things listening to CBC. It’s a big country and CBC helps us realize our similarities while celebrating our differences. It covers current events with a Canadian view, brings you local issues and provides you with the opportunity to laugh. Stuart McLean is a big part of the laughter as was Peter Gzowski.

All in all a fine time. Try it yourself next year when he returns to Saskatoon or a city near you.


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