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Christmas cheer

I’m never quite sure how Christmas sneaks up on me as it is clearly on the calendar at the start of every year. Yet it takes the first of December to signal a wake up call for me. Then it seems like it’s a panic state to figure out the lists, decorate, bake, sew and create the gifts. I long ago gave up most of the wrapping as it is not my “gig”.

I was reminded last night that I had failed to provide any Christmas baking and the month was 7 days old. The deal has always been that no baking occurs until the November birthday cake is gone which this year occurred before December even happened. In my defence though he got tarts for his birthday and they aren’t gone yet!

So tonight we will put on all our favourite Christmas tunes (which for me includes Fred Penner’s wonderful album), mix up a quick easy batch of homemade eggnog, pull out our favourite decorations, whip up some baking and bring the season into our home and heart.

They were so cute and now they are all grown up but lucky for us we still spend Christmas together enjoying our family traditions. This year we will have 6 adults and 5 dogs around the tree. Oh and 2 horses!