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Enter here – literally

Today I decided that I should write a bit earlier in the day so that I could go to bed at a decent time. But it seemed I didn’t have any inspiration and then my break was over! Meanwhile Ron was on a road trip looking for a “new to us” back door. So this post is a little bit old house post and a little bit about the new attitude towards recycling and vintage.

Our original front door is in good shape. It has beautiful character with a lovely bevelled oval window. We were the lucky recipients of a glass door knob for it which is so lovely. So we are set there. The thing is we have no front steps at this moment so now one sees that door  as we use the back door. Now it has seriously seen better days. The outside is more weathered than an old cowboy’s face. The inside has clear packing tape in horizontal strips to stop the air flow! So it is definitely on our list of things to upgrade.

Now in the 7 years we have been working on our project house the “local” internet community and the actual store numbers have certainly increased in teh antique and vintage markets. This has a downside  in the upswing in prices as more people are creatively reusing these pieces and making it harder to be the “first person” to get the door. On the other hand it means that fewer items are hitting the landfill although I do have an issue when there is a flip attitude that involves a quick coat of paint and a new big price on it. I surf Kijiji regularly looking for doors but it is hit and miss as you need very specific measurements. The latest find was about an hour south of here; incidentally the same town where our house came from. The one thing we have learnt over these years at this type of store is that you don’t always get a second chance and you can’t just order one so go for it. Hence the road trip in winter on a Sunday as it required the carpenter to get up close and personal with the door to see the hinges and handle.

Now the disappointing part of this story is that the door doesn’t fit any of our openings except the front door but alas we have a decent door there. So needless to say I was surprised to find this door in my garage but it turns out that it was just too beautiful not to bring home! The picture below does not do it justice. the wood is gorgeous and it has history and character. It might fit going into the loft space in our garage so that is one possibility or the other is that we could turn it into a very unique one of a kind “coffee” tables. Trust me that this wood wouldn’t be getting a coat of paint but the structural issues of the door might demand that for the next 100 years it have an easier job in a house than protecting us from the outside. Upcycling might be the best option here.  If you follow us at   then you might remember that I spent the better part of one winter stripping a door that has character but also had 7 coats of paint. It too has some structural issues so now we aren’t sure how to make it work. So we won’t enter here literally but perhaps some day we will find the right door.


PS So much for the earlier exit to bed as I lost most of the post when I added the picture from my phone and I’m too stubborn to quit without accomplishing what I set out to do. Hence the poor quality photo but at least you can see some of the character.