In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives we often

don’t take the time to really listen and connect with those around us. We all ask “how are you” but how often do we stop to listen — really listen — to the answer. How often do we give the real answer — not the “fine” word but the how we really are. We don’t because we assume that people don’t want the in-depth version or have time for it so we just give the polite version. How often do we thank someone with a hand on their arm and really look into their eyes. Taking the time to hug our spouse and really relaxing into each other’s arms.

There seems to be so much “connecting” via an impersonal medium like texting, emails, blogs or Facebook. We are all guilty of it and need to control how much it controls us. There is definitely less spontaneous picking up the phone and hearing a voice and finding out  what’s up with them. I recently starting phoning England to catch up with my cousin in person and it just feels so good to hear her voice. I really need to do that more with other friends and my sisters as I feel like we’ve lost some of our connection. I have a friend who dislikes texts so much that she refuses to learn because she says that you can’t truly understand the conversation as there is no context or body language to the basic words.

Perhaps the best gift we can give each other this holiday season, rather than focusing on that perfect present, is actually to spend some time together. Time without the TV, iPad, tablet or cell phone. Time when we take a walk together or play a board game or call a friend.


Hugs to you!


And just so you know — I’m not making things up as hugs are clinically proven to lower blood pressure and release endorphins.

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