V for Victory

The condensed Cole’s note version of the story is that my grandfather left England in 1903. He was walked to the train station by his older sister Lizzie. They only saw each other once more but they always kept in touch. My mother visited with Lizzie in the 1970’s and met her daughter Freda. Then in the 1998 I meet her daughter Jennie.

Family is about more than just a blood connection. There are family members that you never really establish a deep relationship with and I guess that is where the saying “you can chose your friends but you can’t chose your family” comes from.

Jennie and I we quickly established a meaningful connection despite our geographic boundaries. We were fortunate that email had been invented and didn’t have to wait for the train, boat, train and horse to bring word of each other. We email regularly, have seen each other several times and phone on occasion (which is cheaper than you would think). It’s pretty special.

So I wanted to be there for her when she was going through some tough health times. I actually looked at flying over to England in the fall for a visit and haven’t ruled that out just yet. But the one thing that I could do is send her a hug — a practical warm cover me up hug. I knew her favourite colours are bright and cheerful and so I set to work. Ron helped me design it and it was his suggestion that I quilt it with a big V for Victory.

Here we are with the quilt. Connected together by blood and a shared history but more importantly by love.


Jennie with quilt


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