BFF — here’s to you!!

Be careful what you wish for my friends! I have two friends from totally different

aspects of my life (work and crafting) that decided to “get me”. Several months ago I posted a picture of two wall hangings that I was working on for myself featuring my six very close nursing friends. I rarely sew for myself but these were special as they would hang on the two walls by my sewing machine and remind me of the wonderful woman I have surrounding me. I have plans for four more to adorn the attic but I get ahead of myself here.









As you can see I finished these and they grace my attic walls. Meanwhile there was skulduggery going on behind my back! My two unconnected friends sent messages to each other suggesting that I couldn’t really mean to leave them out and so they would make me a wall hanging featuring themselves. Now one of them is sews and quilts and the other one is a dreamer with wild ideas! So she took her mother’s sari from the 1980’s and cut them into squares (well sort of like squares maybe kinda) and put them together. Then they photoshopped themselves into photos together, occasionally including me as well. They went to Venice together, mountain climbing, to the OR to work and to a craft retreat. They were best friends forever and they even stitched that onto the quilt. Then they embellished it with some very metallic ribbon. It was then treated to a unique style of free motion quilting. Unknown to me they meet to finish the quilt and then surprised me by being together to give it to me. I was speechless as will they be when they see where their wall hanging is. Check it out!! It’s one of a kind and something only really good friends would give and receive with grace.

IMG_7231To my new BFF’s — you haven’t been around since 1977 and you can’t finish my sentences but it’s ok as I was speechless. And so will you be now!


2 thoughts on “BFF — here’s to you!!

  1. Georgina December 3, 2014 / 6:31 am

    ahhhhhh…………….LOVE IT!!!!


    • bernielynne December 3, 2014 / 7:10 am

      Well you better — that’s your unique handiwork!


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