Mish Mash Monday

There was discussion today about my blog activity, vocabulary and writing skills with two young co-workers. I mentioned that evening blogging means that I am reading a lot less but that I am still working on using my vocabulary. One of them had noted a word in yesterdays writing that they thought was particularly perfect for that spot. It also means that I am spending more time in front of a computer screen rather than with a lamp and a book.

On the weekend a group of friends gathered and a portion of the conversation was about seasonal affective disorder, blue lights, TV and computer time and sleep patterns. After I posted last night’s blog I hit on a tag from mine that sent me through to an article about Vitamin D which was talking about how much Vitamin D those of us in the northern hemisphere should ingest in the winter months.

Today Ron sent me home two articles which I read while I was doing my 30 minutes on the stationary bike. One was lecture notes on “Lighting and Human Health” by Joan E. Roberts of Fordham University and the other was an article titled “Do TV’s Rob People of Sleep” which was published in Bloomberg News.  The “Coles Notes” from these two articles is that the wavelength of light coming from our modern means of connection is disturbing our circadian clock. We are not seeing the right kind of light at the proper times of day and this is causing several different types of issues. The first article talked at length about the issues this causes our eyes and skin. It was a bit distressing to note that the blue light used for SAD might not be that good for us but that does depend on several factors. There are many at home things we can do to decrease our light health issues like dimming house lights in the evening and using the appropriate type of light. The second article talked quite extensively about “bedroom hygiene” and how we need to work at getting our sleep cycles back in harmony with our bodies. There is a strong correlation between sleep disorders and obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. We still need 8 hours of sleep but for most of us we aren’t getting it and how our serotonin and melatonin levels can be out of wack.

And so here I sit with my lap top in my bedroom in my little reading area with my lamp. So a couple of those are on the plus side and a couple are on the negative side. At 10:38 I should be in bed and not on the lap top but I am enjoying the dim lighting and quiet of the room but perhaps a book would be a better option. For my elderly mother the book has been laid down in favour of the tablet as the font is changeable and the words much easier to see so does it offset itself with the “negative” light that comes from it. For me I do tend towards insomnia which I generally blame on three factors; aches and pains, a mind that won’t shut off or menopause but perhaps those aren’t the real reasons but I wager that the first two have been around longer than our home computer has been.

All in all there has been some food for thought in my day plus a lack of sunshine. It, once again, all boils down to a balancing act.


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