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In the Dog House

Sometimes they need to spend the night outside in the dog house just to sort out the issues! Today’s “issue” being the nastiest upchuck mess we’ve seen in this house for a long time. Being a pet owner isn’t for the faint of heart as there is serious work that needs to occur for those moments of absolute love and attention that you are showered with along with the dog slobber.

I must say that golden retrievers are great at love but they are also well known as garbage guts and will eat anything. Once eaten it has only two ways to come out and both of them are pretty disgusting even for an operating room nurse. Yellow labs seem a bit more mellow that way fortunately but ours has other aspects that are equally as annoying like eating her meal in 3 seconds, chucking it up and then eating it again. I guess this post isn’t for the faint of heart as I seem to be discussing all the icky parts of owning dogs. Oh yeah did I mention the part where they haul home carcasses of deer or bring home just the quills from the porcupine? I could go on with the stories as they are forever having adventures out here. Heck they are half the reason we know so many of our neighbours.




Cats are slightly better but they also come with certain personality traits that are less than enjoyable such as leaving dead rodents or bird feathers everywhere. There is also the part where they poop in the flower bed and then the dogs …… OK I guess there are some things that are best left unsaid. The down side to cats is their independence and how they like to roam which sometimes is a sad thing when they don’t come home.


Feb 2014 068 Feb 2014 206

I love owning pets though and there are so many positives that it’s hard to stay mad at them for too long. They have a way of worming their way into your heart and becoming intrinsic to your mental well being. No matter how dark, cold, windy, wet, hot or rainy it is the dogs enjoy our walk every time. We often go the same route but they don’t care as they are happy to be out running around, smelling the world and enjoying life. The cats are a little more selective in the weather but they often go for a walk with me as well. People often find it strange that we walk our dogs even though they live in a big playground but it is as much for us as it is for the quality time with them.

And just for the record — Lucky’s actually in the garage stairwell and not the dog house as it is a bit cold for a skinny house dog to spend the night outside. Perhaps tomorrow when he is feeling better and gives me “the look” he will be allowed back inside.


PS It was really hard to only pick six photos as we have so many moments of their antics captured to forever live on in our memories.


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