Winter What??

I do love winter; the sun and the white snow but there are parts of it that I’m not that fond of.  The cold I can handle but the wind and the blah are the factors I’d love to control. I’m really starting to feel the lack of sunshine and know that I must find some positives.

I have been writing some poetry since last thanksgiving. They are mostly haikus but there is the odd cinquain thrown in here and there. There are two main themes that I have noted in a year of writing them — the weather and my inner voice about life. Tonight, obviously, I am sharing some winter ones.

Old man winters back

Forced me to put my socks on

And grab my mittens


Breeze picks her way

Lucky barrels full tilt around

I plod onward home


November’s bleak days

Take a toll in my mind now

Snow cloud fog no sun


I’ll huff and I’ll puff

and I’ll blow your path right in

so speaks mighty wind


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