Dessert Wars

Several years ago Ron had a superb idea to replace a standing tradition at that time. Three couples used to go public swimming every Sunday night and our seven young children (combined) would have a lot of fun hanging out together. A few years came and went and by the time the kids were in their early teen years it was no longer “cool”. So we needed something that was more flexible for the teenagers but allowed us all to still spend time together. Mr. tall skinny guy thought we should get together every Sunday evening for dessert. So for several years we had one or two teens attending at least for the dessert portion. They are all adults now and rarely do we see any of them at this event but it has become a wonderful evening full of great desserts and friends catching up on how life has been treating us. 

Officially it’s called dessert club but our friend Greg prefers to call it dessert wars. That grew out of visitors attending and  “judging” which dessert was the best. The interesting thing is we almost always make new untried recipes that we have seen or heard about.  In all the years we have had one flop (which was still edible it just fell like crazy) and one duplicate (same dessert made a couple of months apart). In fall there is a tendency towards pumpkin and apple but it is rare to have a duplicate of flavours at the same time although chocolate seems to be a predominant theme in my desserts (not a shock at all). It’s crazy that we eat three desserts in one night and the key to this is to have a light supper like chicken caesar salad. Oh and not to step on the scale for a couple of days after. We have often thought that we should do up a dessert book for ourselves as we usually share recipes. We would have pictures of all of them because several years ago Janice started taking a photo and jotting down the recipes so she could remember what she had made last time!  So enjoy the visual treat and if you would like to be a guest judge just let us know.


Three skokum desserts
Three skokum desserts
More delectable desserts
More delectable desserts


2 thoughts on “Dessert Wars

  1. bernielynne November 24, 2014 / 11:25 pm

    Only one of us could handle the dessert aspect every Sunday. I’m so happy we have managed to maintain the connection!


  2. Janice November 24, 2014 / 10:50 pm

    Thank goodness we don’t gather EVERY Sunday! 😉 But the evenings we do manage to get together are very special indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

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