Sucked Away

My writing time tonight was sucked away by an insane desire to have fall clean my kitchen — at 9:45 in the evening! I did say it was insane but it just seemed like it had to be done. It hadn’t even been on “the list” but it’s fall and I always clean the cupboards. Perhaps Sunday afternoon might have been a better time but it’s all good now as they are done. I also thought I would throw in cleaning the lights, the floor, the fridge top and the microwave because hey why not. So now I’m tired and perhaps it will be a four alarm day tomorrow before I drag myself out of bed in the dark. But when I hit the kitchen the blinding clean glass doors will wake me right up.

So there are relevant picture with this entry and no witty or profound thoughts. Just the crazy late night ramblings of someone with very clean hands and a sparkly kitchen.


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