Right at Home

We live in a period house and for the most part we are slowly trying to match that period with the pieces that we bring it. It takes time to find just the right piece for a certain spot. We slept on the floor when we first moved in having sold our 80’s bedroom furniture with our previous house. It took us several months to find just the right frame and have it redone for the bedroom we now have. We had a 1940’s dining room table for a while but eventually found a claw foot table that matched the size, shape and period of the room. We have only three pieces of family furniture; a desk and two chairs.

So when we were lucky enough to inherit a family trunk a few months ago I wasn’t sure where it was going. It is also a 1940’s piece and I didn’t have a clear vision for it.  But we finally had the manpower (aka our son) here and it was moving when the garage was being cleaned up. So with someone else’s vision it went up to the attic to be used for storage space. Then I looked around and realized that “the vision” doesn’t have to be perfect. The attic already had trunks of different eras and each brought its own story into the room. It has my trunk from life in a nurses residence in the 1970’s and a garage sale trunk from who knows where and when but I suspect it is 1920’s.

Sometimes we fail to recognize that just because something is “different” doesn’t mean it isn’t a treasure. Now, filled with quilting supplies and nestled in a corner, the trunk has a new purpose in its life. I have written to its owner (my mother-in-law) and asked if she could write out the story of how and when and why the trunk came into her life. Then someday when we pass it on to our grandchild they will have a true family treasure. In the meantime I will use it and respect the quality of craftsmanship and the history of this unique piece.



2 thoughts on “Right at Home

  1. Georgina November 17, 2014 / 1:00 pm

    that would have been a great place to display the quilt we gave you!!


    • bernielynne November 17, 2014 / 10:38 pm

      I have the hanger prepared for it and a wall set aside for that special quilt/gift from the heart.


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