Pivotal Moments

There are those obvious pivotal moments in life. You know the bench marks we can all recall that help define us. Graduation, wedding, first child, death of a loved one — those to are the standard moments of clarity that help solidify your direction and tendencies on life’s journey.

I’ve had many of those wonderful firsts that fill your heart to bursting, so many that it’s hard to pick just a picture to illustrate my point.


Moments where the pain gives you that awareness of how precious and short life is. Those have occurred personally and  a few of those experiences have happened professionally as well.



One wouldn’t expect a work seminar to provide that kind of experience. My life was altered when I went to listen to Darci Lang speak from her heart about focusing on the 90% positives in our life and letting go of the 10%’s that drag us down sparked something in me. It changed my daily outlook and challenged me to ask what I was focusing on when it comes to the most important areas of my life. It came with simple tools to put to work about how to let go of the things you can’t change. Ways to


I’ve included the link to her website and her blog — it’s worth the time.




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