…We will remember them…

Join me for a pictorial essay of our trip through England, France and Belgium, focusing on the Canadian contingent that went to fight the First World War. The trip follows the path of our troops and highlights the battles and areas that were instrumental in the making of a nation and war heroes. The impact and imprint of these sites remain in the landscape of the countries even today and the stories linger which is fitting on the 100th anniversary of the “war to end all wars”.

The presentation is part of the Saskatoon Public Library’s Remembering World War 1 Series and is at Cliff Wright Library on Thursday November 20th from 7:00 to 8:00. So like Rick Mercer says – if you find yourself in Saskatoon looking for something to do go on down to the library and learn about our history.

IMG_7090.JPGThis photo, courtesy of Bev Shumlich and taken during her recent trip to England, highlights the unique ceramic poppies that were “planted” to commemorate the 888,246 Commonwealth soldier who died during the war.



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