New Terrain

New terrain — both physically and mentally. I suspect that’s why travel is motivating and exhilarating as it challenges us. It reduces the comfort zone and makes one think “outside the box” in regards to many activities of daily living. It also gives one time that is normally missing at home with the “daily grind”.

The original snowbirds seem to have arrived this week in California as we have heard crows and Canada geese overhead. It makes me wonder about how they adapt to the change in their location and whether or not they come back to the same area yearly. A sort of southern and northern home so to speak but then birds are pretty nomadic as a species. The better analogy would be the northern snowbirds who fly on planes to escape winter.  So I have pondered that if you return to the same area does that then make it old terrain and not as exciting as the first time you venture afar.

We did a lot of true R and R in the last few days which really recharged our batteries but we also spent some time exploring the terrain around where we “landed”. We walked, hiked, biked and drove around the area to explore. We did one hike and one “climbing hike”  over the last week. The terrain here is quite fascinating and the desert is actually less deserted than one would expect. We saw some interesting structures, flora and fauna as you will see by the pictures.

The world is such a large place and there are so many places that we want to go but only so much time and money so one has to weigh the pros and cons of returning to a familiar place to do more in-depth exploration or going uncharted off to a new location.  Or perhaps strike a balance of both.



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