No Plan

We awoke with no plan like an oar less boat in a lake. If you carry the analogy further you would realize that it’s probably ok to be in a lake with no oars. Now if you were on a stream, a river or an ocean you be’d in trouble and I believe there is a saying about that. One would assume that on a lake you would eventually drift back to shore if the wind didn’t knock you around.

Nothing managed to knock us around today. My morning swim was followed by breakfast on the patio in the sun. Not a cloud to be seen which beats the heck out of a November day in Saskatchewan! I did some stitching and tried to learn a few things on my lap top while Ron cleaned up emails and death with an important time sensitive work issue. Then we went for an hour long exploring bike trip around the resort which we topped off with a lunch and beer pool side.


As an aside the pool is a shared resort one but no one else in this group of eight units seems inclined to “take the waters” so we have it all to ourselves which is pretty darn fine with me. Lunch was followed by some R and R in the sun — trying to maintain skin integrity and cold beer while soaking up the rays.  And repeat…!


The evening did have a quasi plan which was to meet Ron’s brother, sister in law and their friends at the down town open air market. So we ventured out of this little piece of paradise and got snarled up in construction traffic. Oh I guess the real world exists even in paradise. We had an enjoyable supper and then cruised the streets checking out artist, local venders of this and that plus a great farmers market. We came home with some fruits and veggies at half the price of the store and fresh as can be!

Now we’re thinking perhaps a hot tub or a movie. It’s pretty easy to feel spoiled down here with no plan of attack or the ability to just do it because we want to.


The blue sky is for all my fellow SAD friends who need to see some sunshine and blue skies. This was taken from the lounger by the pool!

One thought on “No Plan

  1. Georgina November 7, 2014 / 8:55 am

    no comment!


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