Fall Lingers On

Canadians spend a lot of time talking about the weather. It’s like a national past time that we become obsessed with. I suppose if you lived in Palm Springs California where they get 5 days of rain a year and it’s always sunny and hot the focus would be different. Loads of people grouse about it for most of the year. Its too hot or too cold or too windy or too ……

It’s a constant and there is nothing you can do to change it so I try to find the positives about it (and dress warm!). For me it’s always about the sunshine but it’s also about seeing the beauty around us which the weather plays a huge role in. I know for a fact having big dogs makes you a hardy type person because rain or shine or blizzard they expect you to get out there with them and I do.

We have had Christmases without snow and so it stands to reason we’ve had nice falls. But I honestly don’t remember seeing flowers blooming in November. And it’s not just protected urban flowers either. There is a canola field along the highway that is blooming again so it’s a bit confused obviously. The native grasses are still green as well. The plus side is there are colours to offset the dull grey days we often get at this time of year.

The fall lingers on
Flowers bloom and grass is green
Strange November days

Blooming colour amongst some frost damaged flowers.

I’m so glad that the grounds staff left these annuals in place.

Shocking colour still in full force..


PS woke up to a white winter wonderland!

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