Missing Something

I have a couple of unusual traits — one is that I do not like to shop. As a woman that makes me an anomoly.  I’m also not very into make up and clothes so wearing OR scrubs daily suits me just fine.

Fast forward to Halloween and an annual fundraising dance put on by my husband’s soccer team. I don’t like make up, shopping or dressing up so you can imagine that costumes aren’t really my forte. I am creative in many other ways and wonder why this isn’t an area I can expand into.

The first year we held the event I dressed as a soccer player, last year as a pirate and this year as an OR nurse — yes I could have won for the lamest costume! The imagination that was used by many was amazing and it’s safe to say that most adults like to dress up!! There was a centaur, a sasquath on stilts, flying spdyer man complete with his own Louise Lane, tons of well done pirates, Fred and Ginger from Gilligans Island and Pippi Longstocking. Snow White wore the costume she made when she was 19!! The hippy couple from the 60’s were in vintage clothing belonging to her aunt!

I didn’t take any photos as night time iPhone pictures don’t turn out that well and so it is a boring post in that regard but it bears thinking about that for 364 days of the year adults are predictable creatures for the most part but on one day of the year they left loose!

Time to think about next year’s costume!! No really — I’m sure I can spark the creative gene for that if I give myself advance prep time. Feel free to comment on your favourite costume.


One thought on “Missing Something

  1. Janice November 1, 2014 / 10:36 pm

    You could go as a MOM! That seems to be in the same genre of your previous costumes.


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