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Soul Mate

Often it is a twist of fate that takes you on a path you weren’t expecting.  I met my soul mate like that as his friend needed a typist for some big engineering project and I needed some cash. We worked together as I needed clarification on words and formulas (ah early typewriters with a corrector ribbon) and then he took me out for dinner when it was time for payment. And the rest “as they say is history”. So today on his birthday I thought the blog should be about what an awesome man I have in my life.

I’m not sure I would have picked an engineer as they have some well-known “traits” that can be difficult. I would have to say I got a good one. We have both mellowed the edges off of each other and as I’ve said before melded well together. There are so many amazing things about him it’s hard to know where to start. _9210461He has a weird sense of humour that is so spot on and so fast that sometimes it takes the rest of us a minute to get where he went. I always say to people  “don’t laugh or he’ll think he’s funny” but the truth is he is funny. As you can see in the photo above he’s not above fooling around or playing the fool. He does like to have a good time and has been known, many times I might add, to be the last to leave the party.

4 in Cheeseburger

He is, and always has been right from the beginning, a fantastic dad to our children. He changed diapers, feed them, took them to the sitters, taught them how to build things, helped with homework and hugged them. He’s been supportive of them as they have grown  and had faith that they will make the right choices._1012367He can figure anything out, given enough time. The truth is most of the time I can’t even follow where or how he got there but voila he’s got the answer. He is super smart math wise and I guess that’s why he ended up where he is. But the great thing is he can translate it into material requirements for a quilt or how much turkey is needed for a fall supper. In the picture above he is figuring out where the door frame needs to move to and how much spare the toilet needs. Jan 2013 025

The truth is there isn’t much he can’t seem to do besides iron! Although I’m pretty sure that he burnt himself on purpose in 1980 so that he could get out of a life time of it. He denies this but I have my doubts although for all the things he does for me I guess it’s ok that I iron his clothes. In the area of clothes he is a typical engineer in that sense that if it still fits and it isn’t wrecked then you should still wear it. In the picture above I know what era it is because of my jacket but for since about 1983 he has worn the same ski pants and ski “jacket”. Yes, seriously, he still fits them and he doesn’t want new ones because why would you. I must admit it makes him easy to recognize on the hill but so does his stellar skiing style.

He’s also patient, kind, extremely hard-working and drinking (he’s a good guy not a saint!) and a great cook. In fact, according to my lovely mother recently, he is a better cook than I am. Which actually I would probably have to agree with but again don’t tell him I said so. He’s a deft hand with decorating cakes or houses and picks out colours very well. He’s also very generous which is quite nice although occasionally he could work on his gift picking skills. On the other hand he wraps the best packages.

Yes I think I will keep him around for a long time yet and yes I do know how fortunate I am.


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Dodger shenanigans

It’s the spontaneous times that can turn out to be good memories. I was quite ready to stay home at 9 p.m. tonight when Ron was leaving for soccer. But somehow I found my second wind and went to a 9:45 game when I wanted to stay home. As most of their games are after 10:00 it seemed like a good game to attend. I hold the title of their number one fan based on my attendance and the ability to tolerate their shenanigans.

The Dodgers care about what happens on the pitch but they also like the social time after. They support passes of the ball and the beer pitcher with equal enthusiasm. Most of them have been playing together for ten to fifteen years and don’t show any signs of slowing down. They also golf together in the summer and often do a golf weekend up to someone’s cabin. For the last four years they have also gone to Vegas for a tournament and a fun time. I heartily support all of this (despite the fact that he misses my birthday for the Vegas trip) as sports and the male personality are good for each other.

Last evening Ron couldn’t buy a goal and hit the corner post 3 times; collectively as a team they hit it 15 times. So we bought the beer. The highlight wasn’t that but the fact that Terry went and found a piece of puffed wheat cake from the kitchen staff and we used BBQ lighters as candles. There was a spontaneous happy birthday chorus.

And I was going to miss it because I was tired? Life truly is short and it’s important to enjoy the moment. In honour of Ron’s birthday I will close with the saying that sits under his professional work signature —
Life is a coin, you can spend it any way you wish, but you can only spend it once.