Slow learning

Have you ever driven to a friends new house and taken the “long route” because you got slightly lost. Then the next time you go the wrong way again because that is the way that you went the first time. So then it becomes a big vicious circle and finding the easy way never seems to happen.

There are a lot of examples of this in my life — unfortunately. I am a quilter and love being creative. There are parts that I do very easily and parts that I struggle with in a huge way. Most quilters have issues doing binding corners and making them lie flat. I have that part cased but can not seem to figure out the joining of the two binding pieces. I have been shown by three different friends and I have looked at a blog and on youtube. But every time I struggle so sometimes I “cheat” and just cut it and hand turn it under. Occasionally Ron figures it out for me because he is much more analytical than I am.

Life is kind of like this — there are things that just seem so hard that you have to learn the lessons over and over again before they become ingrained. When I first started blogging the story of our house I had to have cheat sheets on how to upload the photos but eventually it became easier.  A zillion years ago when I was a young operating room nurse I had to create little mini reminders about the names of certain pieces of instruments.

But now it seems like I am rambling and can’t find the point of this blog! I suspect I might lose a few readers with this one. I’m going to cut myself some slack and not worry about that right now as I’ve had a couple of days where I haven’t physically been 100% but have still given 110% to my job so perhaps I am a bit depleted right now. Ah — back to the point! I went upstairs to finish a certain project and got stymied once again by not being able to figure out how to join the ends of the binding. Big fat zero for creative time tonight and accomplishing something on my to do list at the same time.

Oh well there is always tomorrow. I’m sure you have all had days like this!


2 thoughts on “Slow learning

  1. Georgina October 30, 2014 / 7:59 am

    Bernie, I have a sample of corners and a sample of joining. They are pinned just as I would on my project but they are just a ‘cheat sheet’ for me to follow. I have these samples sitting by my machine all the time so that I can look at them and copy with my current project. I found this was an easy way to remember.


    • bernielynne October 30, 2014 / 10:33 pm

      I was thinking that this would be a good plan for when I finally got it figured out. Fortunately with Monika’s tutorial and Ron’s help I think I’ve got it (for now at least).


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