Stellar Sunday

The prairies often miss fall weather by going straight to winter. While this means more inside project time it translates to missing a colourful and peaceful time of year. We don’t control the weather and therefore take what is offered albeit with some whining occasionally. So this fall has been remarkable for most of us here on the prairies and I, for one, am really enjoying it. Alas the sun comes up late and goes down so early but there is still warmth in it which makes being outside enjoyable.

My long Sunday walk with the dogs was wonderful today. I could hear the swans down on the lake and some geese overhead although it seems most are gone. Strangely enough there is still green native grasses and a few bits of colour here and there.

Last great weather day
First fall in eons so nice
Loving all moments






It happened today
71 Mustang moves
Before the snow flew


For the past 5+ years Spencer’s old 71 Mustang has sat at the top of the circular driveway. It’s a bit of an issue as he lost the key. Every year the snow builds up around it so this year he had a deadline for moving it. Now the smart thing would to have been for him to sell it and move it forever away but he’s loath to part with it for some strange reason. He missed the deadline but did get it moved before the snow hit so I’m happy about that. Turns out he “knows a guy” (inside family joke) but for real this guy knew how to take the cylinder out and I look the gear shift. Then it was just a matter of some air in the tires and a downward push around the corner.

All in all it was a stellar Sunday. It would have been perfect if the other blog could be updated with our super big challenging project but techno issues. Hope you also had a great day. Feel free to leave a comment — it’s nice to know people are reading the ramblings.



2 thoughts on “Stellar Sunday

  1. Georgina October 27, 2014 / 5:59 am

    great pics!!


    • bernielynne October 30, 2014 / 10:34 pm

      Thanks. I missed this comment until I came on the main computer tonight. Sorry I didn’t get it posted earlier.


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