Insomniac Activities

The Brooding Soldier Vancouver Corner Ypres, Belgium
The Brooding Soldier
Vancouver Corner
Ypres, Belgium

Ah yes the life of an insomniac. So the plus side is that you can do things in the middle of the night that you wouldn’t other wise do. Now before you think that I stay up to write, read or surf the net you’d be wrong — I spend 2 hours in bed with my eyes shut before I get up for an hour. Then I try again for two hours — perhaps with a hot shower before returning to bed. But when I am up I must be quiet so I generally do those three things above — and watch northern lights. Fortunately being menopausal seems to mean, for me, that I actually need less sleep so I can still be productive tomorrow. I’m glad I haven’t lived my whole life like this though as sleep is good.

Tonight’s thoughts are rambling a bit and probably won’t make the best post! I think perhaps I’ll hit a couple of throw back Thursday photo that will translate to where my thoughts are.

A few years ago we went on a U of S Chancellor’s Tour of England, France and Belgium as it related to Canada and the first world war. War is much more “personal” to those countries as have lived with it on their shores whereas we have only had “flings” with it until a few days ago. For me, going and seeing the battlefields were so many Canadian men died was extremely moving and often now at sunset I say to myself “and in the setting of the sun we will remember them” as those that see more easily the remnants of their sacrifices remember them. And now on our shores we will remember two men in uniform who gave their lives in service against a new kind of war.

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