The title and the content of this should come as no surprise given that it is Thanksgiving Day today here in Canada. It is the day that we focus on the bounties in our life and give thanks for the blessings that abound around us. So in no particular order here is my random list of things I’m thankful for  — I composed most of this in my head while doing 5 water runs for a fall drink for the evergreens and bushes.


  • I’m thankful for creative time to pursue things that fulfil me such as working with fabric, wood, paper, photos or words. It is all a chance to express myself in different mediums and it enriches my soul.
  • I’m extremely biased but I’d pretty sure I have the most awesome husband in the world! He can decorate a cake, operate a bobcat, design anything in his head, works magic with numbers and wood. He is patient, kind, loving and supportive. He’s also really funny (but never ever tell him I said that!) and very fit. He’s my soul mate.
  • I adore having the space we call home and I’m grateful that home is in Canada. We are a strong and free nation and we are kind courteous people. We smile at each other and volunteer in droves. Most of the nation has an enviable standard of living, fresh air and good food plus we’re peaceful even if we do bicker about languages.
  • I’m surrounded by awesome friends from various walks of life. Whether from my childhood, nurses training, volunteer life, neighbourhood or work I have many very near and dear friends.
  • We have two children who have enriched our lives in so many ways and so despite whatever challenges they have given us over the years it has been worth the trip to be their parents. And one of these years they will make us grandparents and that is something we will cherish!
  • Seems random and strange but I content to have technology in my life. It can be a huge pain in the keister but it is also a great way to keep in touch, expand our horizons by learning and it does make some things easier. I am old enough to remember going to work on pay-day to pick up my pay check and then going to the bank to deposit it. So it has enabled us all to lead easier lives in many ways.
  • I’m satisfied that I became a nurse and that I provide quality care to patients in their hours of need. I try daily to encourage good team dynamics and to teach to the best of my ability.
  • I’m appreciative of my health and recognize that it takes work and some luck to stay in good health. I am committed to working on that for the rest of my life. Good choices everyday — there is that balance aspect again.
  • I am indebted to my family — my parents, siblings and cousins who gave me a great foundation for my life. They keep me honest because they know all the stories and don’t mind telling them!
  • I am content to be my age because it means that I have lived and learnt a lot. I’d trade a couple of minor body parts in for younger ones but in the big scheme of things I’m pretty happy to have grey hair, wrinkles and be fit but fleshy.
  • last but not least and totally random — great food like chocolate, brussel sprouts and my mom’s pumpkin pie. Beer and ice cold water. A fabulous hot shower and northern lights. Sunshine, sunsets and blue skies, puppy dogs and kitty cats. All those wonderful things that Julie Andrews sang about in the Sound of Music.

So I hope that Thanksgiving was a time of thoughtful thanks for you and yours. I know that my weekend was full and busy but it was packed with people and things I love.



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