Happy 25th to my daughter

There are so many snippets from 25 years as mother and daughter. So many braids done, cupcakes baked , miles spent doing the barn drive and books read together. Some moments stand out in brilliant clarity while others fuse together as the first moments became first years became decades.

And now a quarter of a century later we have formed an adult mother daughter relationship — one that was certainly built on love and tenacity. It also required a lot of trial and error but what mother ever gets it right? The important aspect is that we continue to love and support each other.

Occasionally I look at her or a memory flashes through my mind and I’m taken back to this tot saying “let go of me – I do it by mine ownself” as she fought for her independence at a young age. And I see this strong young woman who has faced adversity in many ways and yet has come out on the other side. There might be a few sharp edges but it takes time to smooth those out — I had a lot of the same edges 30 years ago. She has always been driven to go her own path and achieve her goals and now continues on that path with her husband.


I love her immensely and wish her a happy quarter century — even if the mocca brownies were subpar!

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