Disconnected or connected?

So has technology connected us or disconnected us? I watched an interesting video today about that on Facebook. Snap chats and abbreviated words and no real face to face connections all done up as a rap song. I also read an interesting blog post last night about an 83 year old who asked for an iPod and an opportunity to go glider flying for his birthday. It was very well written and brought up a number of issues from both sides. The essence if it though was that by embracing the technology the man was learning and sharing.

So does what draws us in send us farther apart? I believe that perhaps it’s not black and white but rather a grey zone. If the technology is used within context and sparingly then it can widen our horizons. But used in excess it can strip us of the ability to see those same horizons.

I’m not sure that I’ve figured out my level with all the technology options. It’s great to have my “to do list” on the phone as it’s convenient as is banking on line. But now I realize I take my phone with me everywhere. I use it as my alarm so it’s by my bedside so when insomnia strikes I can browse or read. Now I had the insomnia before I had the phone so strike off that it’s keeping me awake. I take it with me on my dog walks to track how far I’ve gone and also in case I should fall into a badger hole and do myself some damage. I’m pleased that I just enjoy the walk and focus on the there and now but when I leave work and walk across campus I often am looking down at the phone — “catching up on the day”. Is it any different than watching television while you eat? I’ve been guilty of dictating texts while I drive thinking it was ok as I’m not actually texting but just asking Siri to do it. I’ve vowed recently to move my phone across to the passenger seat and do my dictation to Siri when I arrive. My daughter noted that I used to never answer texts after supper as my phone would stay in my purse but since I got an iPhone that has changed. And the blog I’ve started — I’m looking internally at it and wondering if it’s just another level of connection or is it a forced opportunity to write? Is it about the “follows and the likes” or truly about encouraging myself to write ? If so why do I publish it via Facebook? It is true that most writers want to publish their output and that is as easy now as to hit the publish button. It’s all more food for thought that answers.

I suspect it’s about equipoise or balance. Is the writing, lists, Facebook or Instagram time taking away from one on one time or even quality alone time? Time I should or would spend on activities that need to or should be done.

Alas there is no real conclusion. So for now I will commit to no dictating while driving, walking across campus looking upward and connecting with Ron in the vehicle instead of surfing the net or being on Facebook. It’s a start towards better balance. The rest will sort itself out in the long run.

A “shadow” of a selfie


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