Bountiful Harvest

I suspect it’s a product of being a farm kid with parents who remember the dirty thirties. When self reliance was a necessity as the food at the grocery store cost money which was even scarcer than rain. We always had a garden — a kick ass big farm garden.

I have spent my entire adult life with a garden. At first it was a tiny little container garden in North Vancouver. It significantly increased in size when we moved to Saskatoon. It was always cramped and crowded though as I always tried to grow too many things in too little space.

Now we live in the country and I have a farm size garden. Sure it is a lot of work but the rewards are so tasty. From mid July until mid October we harvest and well into the winter we enjoy the fruits of our labour. Well at this point it’s really more the vegetables of our labour as we don’t have many fruit trees producing yet.

The fridge is full of kale and carrots and brussels sprouts. The cold storage room is full of potatoes, cabbages and preserves. The freezer is full of tomatoes and kale and soups. I lament the fact though that I didn’t get a pumpkin grown this year, I was lucky enough to receive a few assorted squash so that was lovely.

It feels good to provide your own food and know exactly what goes into putting it on the table. Takes me back to my farm roots.




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