It’s rather interesting how word meanings change as time goes on. Take the word “blackout” for example. It wouldn’t have been invented until electric lights became common and it’s first meaning occurred in England during the Second World War and air raids. Then it became a sports orientated word related to specific games not being shown on local TV — probably to encourage local people to attend. Here in Saskatchewan, for the last 25 years, every CFL game has been sold out so it’s rare to have a blackout game.

Tonight we attended a University of Saskatchewan Huskies football game that was a “black out”. The term seems like a hybrid of the previously aforementioned meanings. The lights went out at half time but instead of celebrating the dark we were treated to fireworks.



The weird aspect , although nice from a spectator point of view, was that there was no wind. So the half time fireworks smoke lingered on the field. And lingered and lingered. The players came out and disappeared into the smoke and a game delay was called. It was at least 30 minutes before it was cleared enough to play.


So maybe blackout will develop a whole other meaning again after this!
On the whole the game was a great fun with the Huskies winning and we spent an evening with our fabulous friends.



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